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Screen Placement tip #4 – Clutter

When talking about clutter and digital signage, even non advertising related let us first look at the Wikipedia description of clutter – Advertising or marketing clutter refers to the large volume of advertising messages that the average consumer is exposed to … Continue reading


Digital signage screen placement tip #3 – Cone of Vision & Eccentricity

When considering where to best place a digital signage screen it is always best to consider the way that the human eye works. There are two primary parameters to consider when looking for the ideal location for your screen, the … Continue reading


Screen Placement for Digital Signage – tip #1

  Over the coming days & weeks we will be providing a series of Screen placement tips. These tips will be based upon Retail best practices for signage, as well as looking at how the big advertising companies quantify the … Continue reading

digital signage Streetly academy

4 Ideas for Digital Signage in Education

As BETT 2017 is but days away we thought we would jot a few ideas down, about how digital signage in education and digitalsignage.NET can help Educational establishments communicate more efficiently with their stake holders. Educational institutions of all sizes are turning to … Continue reading