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Value Added Resellers

digitalsignage.NET is a simple to use yet powerful product and an easy sell for any company wanting to deliver best-of-breed digital signage solutions to their clients. Given its subscription-based pricing model, you will always enjoy a continuous stream of revenue as your customers renew their subscriptions on a regular basis.

You may choose to run your own digital signage network and sell adverting space to your clients. We can provide the software and support you need

Become a Value Added Reseller today to learn how we can help.

What we offer

We support our resellers’ every step of the way to ensure that both they and their end-users are offered a profitable and enjoyable digital signage experience.

Our resellers’ receive:

  • technical support;
  • free demo accounts and subscriptions;
  • discounts and larger incentive concessions for high volume sales or special projects;
  • the latest marketing materials and white papers we produce;
  • training materials and ongoing support
  • a comprehensive list of hardware partners;
  • promotion via our website.

Why choose us as your Digital Signage Software Partner?


  • We have been providing digital signage solutions for many years
  • Throughout these years, we have worked with the world’s largest media owners, that use our software to deliver informational content and targeted advertising to thousands of interconnected digital display screens all around the world;
  • digitalsignage.NET, our cloud- based digital signage software, leverages our lengthy experience that allowed us to create a very easy to use, easy to maintain application that simplifies the management and installation of a digital signage system.


No matter how big or small your clients’ networks will be, digitalsignage.NET can be scaled to support them. This means that digital display screens can be added seamlessly onto networks without major infrastructure costs and operations. As the software is hosted in the cloud, neither you nor your customers have to manage servers or back up data.

Continuously improved solutions

Technology is evolving at a fast pace and so is digitalsignage.NET. We’re continuously developing the product to ensure we incorporate new methods of data delivery and new content capabilities. You will always be notified as soon as a new version is released to make sure you and your customers can enjoy the latest features of our software.

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