Dynamax Recommended Reading List #1

Although we are not a book store or book reviewer we thought we would now and again share books that may have some relevance to digital signage. Today’s book recommendation is ‘Why we buy – the science of shopping”, by Paco Underhill.


We recommend this book for anyone considering digital signage, or indeed any marketing / outreach initiative. The reason people buy things is often ‘call to actions’ at the Point Of Sale, and this psychologically speaking is no different than say in an office reception area.

The book is very light and entertaining, with some of the anecdotes such as the shopping difference between men & women is very funny (but true). Equally the book is full of gems such as…


“Never open next to a bank. People speed up when walking past a bank”

“Never place any important information directly¬† in the entrance to your premises, as this is the landing zone and as such people are unlikely to see it reliably”

In summary this is really a very good book for anyone considering the psychology of messaging.

The book is available here.

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