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10 reasons why digital signage is useful

Digital signage solutions are being exploited by most business owners today to give them a marketing edge over their competitors. There are many different benefits digital signage can have on your business, which may help you become more successful within your … Continue reading

7 reasons why healthcare institutions need digital signage

  Their is a positive relationship between digital signage and health care institutions (and more precisely, their profits). The success- stories related by health care professionals themselves make a strong point in this direction. The supporting arguments for this statement are … Continue reading

3 strategies for Increasing Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

Did you know that it costs typically seven times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one? While there’s nothing wrong with working hard to grow your customer base, it’s important to remember the … Continue reading

The Cost of Customer Acquisition.

Recently I wrote some pieces about our recommended reading list. One of the books was about Inbound Marketing specifically HubSpot. During that article I talked about how we had to re-engineer the company from a company selling Enterprise level software to … Continue reading

7 pitfalls in digital signage content

7 pitfalls to avoid in digital signage content creation

In the digital signage industry, we claim that ”content is king” because it’s the content that attracts attention, drives engagement and leads to action. After having chosen the right hardware and software and the right screens placement you don’t want … Continue reading

Small businesses need digital signage

Do I need digital signage for my small business? As a small business owner you are probably on the look out for some means to give you a competitive edge over other businesses. digital signage fits all sizes Digital signage … Continue reading