Top 4 benefits of digital signage for SMEs. Making the best of the ”screen”

An important aspect in the digital signage industry is educating the end- user firstly about what digital signage is and secondly about its benefits (why would they need it and what would it bring to them). If one still believes out-of-home advertising is for large organisations or advertising agencies only, a reality- check is needed. By becoming more affordable digital signage systems  allow SMEs to take advantage of engaging with their customers cost- effectively (and even make a profit out of this).

So how does the ”screen on the wall” help a small business increase its revenue?

by  informing the clients about the best or the newest deals while they’re at the right place (your venue) at the right time (consuming/buying your products/services). They would definitely pay more attention to your message then and there than if read in a magazine;

by providing a better in- store customer experience (reducing perceived wait time) thus making the customers stay longer, buy more and come again (building customer loyalty);

by offering the seller the possibility to sell advertising space. The current types of digital signage software allow for several ads (of several retailers) to run at the same time, or one after the other. The screen can be shared among different venues who will pay for the space;

by giving the users the chance to become a part of a community of digital signage users who share resources together. For example, besides selling advertising space one might decide to go one step further and buy space in venues collaterals to his/hers (the baker can advertise in the butcher’s store or vice-versa).

The possibilities are numerous and once installed, only one’s imagination is the limit for turning the ”screen” into a money- making machine. One should not forget that ”the screen” involves both the software and hardware so it’s advisable to plan the investment attentively in advance (for more details click here).

And because a video is worth 1,000 printed words (the principle of digital signage;) see a 1 minute presentation of the above- mentioned concepts below.

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