5 Ways to Leverage Digital Signage for Great Online Marketing

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Is digital signage a part of your online marketing strategy? If not, why not?

Online marketing experts, Bigfoot Digital, share best practices for attracting and retaining digital signage audiences.

Online marketing is driving significant changes in the technology industry, including digital signage. If you are looking for ways to enhance your marketing strategy, or engage with potential customers, then consider digital signage for your business. It’s a great, low-cost and low maintenance way to do both. Digital signage is giving business owners a significant edge over the competition. It’s interactive, informative and instantly recognisable as a tech-savvy marketing solution. It allows businesses to quickly showcase their products and services with bright lights, branding and images that draw in an audience.

We caught up with Sheffield SEO agency, Bigfoot Digital, who specialise in online marketing services to discuss the five best ways to leverage digital signage for great results online:

1) Show that you are a tech-savvy business

If your business is in any way related to the technology industry, digital signage is a must for exceptional communication with your audience. First impressions count, and for those seeing your brand for the first time you need to make an instant connection. Even if you are selling fresh produce, for example, then your customers will love to see bright, vibrant pops of colour, updated offers and customer-friendly messages. Help your audience understand your brand values through immersive digital displays.

2) Upsell your products and services to everyone

It’s often a challenge to identify opportunities that will convert into a sale through customer upselling. Often a business will open an email with a sales pitch leading to a higher bounce rate. People engage with people, images and relatable experiences – not sales. A visual display or subtle reminder will upsell products and/or services more efficiently than a sales pitch. Digital signage ensures a consistency that will keep people coming back for more.

3) Integrate social media into your digital signage strategy

Introducing social media marketing into your digital signage content strategy can do wonders for your business, like increase brand awareness, increase sales and attract new customers. But how do you do it? You first need to establish where your audience operates. Where do they play socially? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Focus your strategy on the social media channels that will work best for your business.

As mentioned above, the focus is too often on sales, sales, sales. The truth of the matter is if you create compelling, fun and engaging digital messages your customers will buy. They’ll tell others about you too. If you are a retail store tired of the static and let’s face it, dull images on your storefront, then encouraging social sharing with a bright, interactive display will do wonders for your brand reputation. Here are some examples of great social media marketing coupled with digital signage:

  • Use a unique or branded #hashtag on Twitter and Instagram that relates to your campaign. Hashtags are a great way to leverage your campaign and encourage social sharing and increase brand awareness.
  • It’s no secret; online videos yield the most interaction on social media. According to Twitter’s statistics, tweets with videos are six times more likely to get retweets than images or GIFS. Combine live streaming with digital signage and project your brand and all you have to offer to the world.
  • Have fun with social media. The more fun you have creating unique, exciting campaigns, the more your audience will engage with you. They’ll remember you, and that’s the end goal.

4) Create local digital signage content

Consider a local digital signage strategy for consumers in your location. For example, recent client Mr Joe’s Takeaway was looking for a way to attract more local customers to their store. Updating their static images with an eye-popping visual display featuring their most recent mouth watering discounts, enhanced the store-front with visual magnetism. You can automatically change your marketing messages according to local relevance. If you are a car dealership, ads on the motorway related to driving conditions, weather and closest dealership are perfect. The same results can be achieved quite easily for any retail business looking for local exposure.

5) Promote new business offers

Above all, this is an excellent opportunity to get your most recent brand promotions out there for the world to see. Shoppers today are always looking for a bargain, and with digital signage, you can make your offers stand out as they pass by. It’s a smart marketing tool that increases conversion rates and encourages them to visit your shop to find out more.

Developing a digital signage content strategy

As with all online marketing, content underpins the success of your entire digital signage campaign. Similar to website content, digital signage needs to entice your target audience. Keeping the content fresh and unique is essential as with all marketing efforts. It should be updated as your campaign progresses to ensure you are testing the effectiveness of different messaging.

At digitalsignage.NET, we understand that nothing compares to the power of real results. We have helped thousands of companies deliver a complete digital signage strategy that captivates people and drives sales for that business. Our case studies deliver on that promise of exceptional quality with live examples offered.
This article was produced in collaboration with UK digital marketing agency, Bigfoot Digital, who are recognised for getting brands found online in the organic search results.

We recommend you visit their website to find out exactly what they can offer your business: www.bigfootdigital.co.uk .

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