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      Educational institutions must adapt their choice of technology to their students’ shift in communications preferences.

      With extensive experience in delivering digital signage services to colleges and students unions across the UK, we can help you quench your students’ thirst for digital while supporting the goals of your establishment: informing students and staff in a time and cost- efficient manner.


      Learn more abour Digital Signage in Education
    • digital information displays

      Corporate Communications

      Strategic communications help a business achieve its goals.

      Organisations throughout the UK are using digitalsignage.NET to promote themselves and display eye-catching company presentations on screens in reception areas, meeting rooms, dining areas or hallways.

      Digital signage can enable companies to break down hierarchies by allowing employees to present their department,  display their achievements and enhance the visibility of their message.


      Learn more abour Digital Signage in Corporate
    • Healthcare

      Waiting rooms, hallways and dining areas are ideal locations for communicating to your patients and educating them about treatments, procedures, diseases, risks and other health- related matters.

      Make use of the time they spend here by employing digital information displays powered by digitalsignage.NET to improve service, enhance patient satisfaction and increase retention rates.

      Our digital signage software enables you to cascade messages quickly across different estates by scheduling and displaying them on your screens.

      Learn more abour Digital Signage in Healthcare
    • Hospitality

      Communication is key in making people feel welcomed and at home in your hotel or restaurant. digitalsignage.NET allows you to deliver a vast array of information in a variety of formats when and where this matters the most.

      From menus, photos of your rooms, social media feeds and live videos digital media signage can strengthen your brand, decrease perceived wait time and increase sales with minimum effort from your side.

      Learn more abour Digital Signage in Hospitality
    • Public Sector

      Throughout the years, Dynamax has helped numerous government offices including the Police and Prisons Services to deliver targeted, timely communications to the public.

      digitalsignage.NET, our cloud- based digital signage software, allows public institutions to disseminate information straight from their offices, with minimum costs and effort.

      Learn more abour Digital Signage in Public Sector
    • Digital signage solutions UK

      Digital signage has a profound impact on the shopping experience, enabling customers to make more informed decisions and helping retailers to make their stores more attractive and improve their bottom line.

      SaaS digital signage is an efficient way of conveying information with minimum infrastructure spending.  Inform customers about the latest products or sales straight from your web browser by uploading, scheduling and updating content in digitalsignage.NET.

      Add social media feeds and other online material to your signage system and take your cross-channel strategy to the next level.

      Learn more abour Digital Signage in Retail

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    digitalsignage.NET allows you to create digital signage solutions that bring your establishment a solid ROI by informing, entertaining or increasing sales as the situation demands.

    We’re passionate about ‘digital signage software’ and have spent over a decade developing enterprise solutions which power a wide range of digital signage networks - from Out-Of-Home, Retail, Government and Education.

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