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Designed For The CloudDesigned For The Cloud

digitalsignage.NET is a cloud-based digital signage software that brings unprecedented levels of scalability & reliability.

Start with a single digital display and grow to a large network. Operating multiple virtualised servers in Amazon web data centres, speed and reliability are proven. No need for expensive servers and trained IT staff

Ease Of UseEasy To Use

A simple intuitive web-based user interface, allows you to update your digital sign in three simple stages: Add, Schedule and Publish. Drag and drop your media straight into your Playlist and get your content published on the digital sign in seconds. Content is forwarded and stored locally, for internet free playback

Media SupportMedia Support

Play images and videos together with social media, current news /weather feeds to keep your digital sign fresh and interesting throughout the day. Build your content library, set your playlists and schedule.

LayoutsPage Layouts and Widgets

Create a single page and add dynamic zones with our various widgets (time, weather, news, social). Our Core Edition also allows the creation of Collections of pages that can be used on a touch screen, adding a multi touch experience for your users.


Playlist are groups of media files (images and videos) organised based on various criteria of your choice, such as location (i.e. shop A or hallways), topic (events, promotions, announcements), times or days of the week. Once created, you can schedule them to play whenever you want .


Channels are like TV channels. Decide your digital sign locations, for example in the Reception and Café area. Create a Reception channel and a Café channel. Once created just drag and drop your appropriate Playlists into the appropriate Channels and Publish them to the digital signs. Focus Targeted information that is relevant to the viewing audience 


The Reporting section shows you what files have been played, when and on which Channels and Players associated with your digital sign. Media network owners can generate reports that can be exported, providing proof of playback performance that can be presented to your advertising clients or your other colleagues. Prove what played where and when.

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