7 reasons why healthcare institutions need digital signage


Their is a positive relationship between digital signage and health care institutions (and more precisely, their profits). The success- stories related by health care professionals themselves make a strong point in this direction. The supporting arguments for this statement are to be found below but the list should not be seen as exhaustive and can be enriched by an institution’s features and goals.

The benefits of digital signage for the healthcare sector:

1. Enhance an institution’s image and prestige;

2. Enhance the patients retention rate as shown by the Patient Channel’s study in the US;

3. Inform patients in a timely manner about relevant topics to them. Due to the system’s internet connectivity messages displayed can be instantly updated enabling you to display an up-to-date, error-free content ;

4. Reduce the perceived wait time. The information and ads that will be running will offer patients a more enjoyable environment in which time will fly;

5. Promote the institution’s services without incurring extra- advertising costs;

6. Promote the services/ products of partner institutions and incur advertising revenue (by selling screen space). Leverage your partnerships and turn them into an additional source of revenue for yourself and publicity for your partners.

7. Improve the institution’s crisis management procedure. In a few clicks you can disseminate vital information throughout your clinic/hospital and efficiently coordinate staff and patients;

Digital signage (or strategically located screens displaying ads and general info) enable you to achieve all that cost- effectively and without the burden of an IT department. The Saas (software as a service) implies that you don’ t need highly skilled IT staff and you don’t need to worry about storage, server bandwidth or backing up your data. Consequently, the user-friendliness of the system allows you to focus on what is of utmost importance to you: your patients.

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