5 ways to nurture ‘Thanks’ in your business this Thanksgiving

Image credit: martha_chapa95, Flickr

Whether you’re a small or a large business, it’s impossible to escape the Thanksgiving spirit if you live in the United States. Staff- from the CEO to the cleaner- celebrate the day set aside to remember the things we are grateful for. And while this year it might be a little more difficult to do this than before, it’s in everyone’s advantage that people develop a thankful attitude.

Here are a few ideas on how you can use digital signage to nurture a spirit of thankfulness in your organisation on Thanksgiving and not only.

1)      Enumerate the positive things that have happened in the past year– the awards won, the clients acquired, the ones retained, the targets met, the increases in profits etc. A digital sign allows you to display a wide range of content from web pages to videos, Flickr feeds or simple photos that attract the eye and present your good news in different ways.

2)       Thank employees for their hard work in the past year. You can post a general message to everybody or you can nominate certain members of the staff whose contribution to the business was outstanding. Our digitalsignage.NET enables you to tailor your message according to the location of the screen and thank staff in the manufacturing area or in the financial department for specific things that the company appreciates them for.

3)      If planned in advance, you can encourage employees to share what they like about the company and what they’re grateful for when it comes to their jobs. Besides being used in a variety of marketing and corporate communication materials, these answers can also be ‘advertised’ around Thanksgiving day.  Post them on a screen in the lounge area and remind employees about the positives of their work.

4)     Display ” thank you” messages from clients. You might not get those very often (people are forgetful) but this only makes them more precious. So make sure you use them in every possible way. If you’re a charity or you’re involved in some kind of charity work, you might actually receive hundreds of those. Whether few or many, digital displays can be an optimum way to showcase them on Thanksgiving  and make staff proud of their achievements.

5)      Use digital signage to thank your stakeholders. A reception screen would allow you to thank your partners, investors, employees and other stakeholders that have helped your company in the past year and make them feel appreciated and important.

Encourage your staff to develop a positive, grateful attitude and your company will reap the rewards all year round. Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not,  nurturing gratefulness and appreciation among staff should be an ongoing endeavor. Digital signage (a.k.a digital signs or digital information screens) is a convenient technology to get the message across quickly and complement other communication channels that can be overlooked (like email, voice or text messages).

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