Infographic: Cloud-based vs. on-premise digital signage systems

In a previous post, we’ve shared a few tips on how to choose the right digital signage software solution for your project. We continue our series of software-related advice with a quick comparison between cloud-based and on-premise digital signage systems. Your system’s hosting is a main consideration in the planning stage of your project as it greatly affects the costs and level of control you will have to handle later on.  There are many things to be said about each alternative but for brevity-purposes we decided to highlight their most important advantages and features only.

Before we start here are the definitions of each solution, just in case you’re not sure what they mean.

A cloud-based digital signage solution carries your message to your screens with the help of web-based digital signage software hosted on an external server (implying that you don’t need to have your own) and is accessible via any standard web-browser.

An on-premise digital signage solution is hosted by you, on dedicated internal servers which means that you have full control over your system. You host the digital signage software, you decide when and if you update it and you are responsible for maintaining the server associated with it.

Cloud based digital signage software vs On premise

What criteria do you use when choosing between the two types of digital signage software? Share them with us below.

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