Swedish supermarket uses digital signage and social media to make prices fall

Here is a very good example of how digital signage and social media can be used in store for promoting a product and encouraging customers to actively get involved in making prices fall. The following article is a rendering of a news published by international industry publication Ooh-tv:

”ICA Vanadis, a  Stockholm- based supermarket is currently deploying an experimental project  involving digital signage, Facebook and mobile check-ins. The principle is simple: decrease the price of a product (chosen by the retailer) by simply checking in the shop using Facebook. Each marketing campaign of this kind takes one week and finishes on a Friday; the higher the number of customers checking-in during this time, the lower the price of that particular product. Once Friday, all the clients can enjoy the price reduction.

A digital screen has been installed in the store for informing customers about the undergoing project and initiate the desired interactionQR codes and short URLs being displayed to allow a quick check-in.  A dedicated website was launched in paralel, offfering clients the chance to track the product’s price decrease from home”.

digital signage display

Photo source: Ooh-tv.


A win-win situation for everybody. More exposure, more clients and more sales for the supermarket- lower prices for the consumers.  The new technologies such as cloud- based digital signage software (see our digitalsignage.NET) and the decrease in price of LCDs made the deployment and maintenance of digital signage systems much easier and less costly than they were a few years ago, allowing companies of all sizes to launch different experiments, such as this one.

Now the campaign’s success depends on several factors among which: 1) the attractiveness of the products offered for discount 2) the visibility of the screen (announcing the campaign in-store) and 3) the overall buzz around it. We shall conclude by stating  that this innovative idea is just one of the many ways in which digital signage can be used to enhance a store’s marketing and communications efforts.


digital signage for retail

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