digitalsignage.NET used in fitness centre to show news and generate ad revenues

fitness centre and digital signage

digitalsignage.NET in fitness centre


FireWalker Gym in Wolverhampton, UK uses our software- digitalsignage.NET to display the latest broadcast news, advertising from local companies and local news from Beacon Radio helping its members keep fit and informed at the same time. Unlike the standard TVs seen in this environment these screens installed by our partner Chamber TV have interactive content and gym- related information updated throughout the day.

Kirkwood Walker, owner of Firewalker Health and Fitness expresses his satisfaction with the advertising option offered by digital signage, declaring: This is an excellent concept. Not only do we get a screen to keep our members informed, we also get our message and branding shown on more than a hundred other screens across the area.”

Instead of being just an expense, digitalsignage.NET enables the screens to be a source of income for the venue.

“We like to think of these screens as the successor to magazines you would find lying around in receptions, except instead of being weeks or months out of date they can be updated every minute of every day” says Richard Westhead, managing director of Chamber TV.  ”Before, a screen like this would show maybe a rolling news channel or music videos and would largely be ignored. Now, with constantly changing content there is always something new to look at”.

If you would like to learn more, see the entire case study here.


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