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Broadcasting your message has never been easier. Watch our webinar and let us prove it.

Want to decrease printing costs and spice up communications? Register for our on-demand webinar  and we’ll show you how to make it happen.

Here’s what our quick tour will teach you:

–          How to use digitalsignage.NET to ensure that the right message is received by the right people, at the right time;

–          How to control and monitor your digital information displays remotely;

–          How to show and organise different types of information simultaneously on the same screen;

–          How to use HTML5 widgets to show live data pulled from the Internet (time, news feeds, weather information etc.) and keep your screens continuously fresh and poignant.

The pre-recorded webinar will be launched at the end of March and a link to the video will be sent to all those who register.

What’s in it for you?

All webinar registrants will be offered FREE digitalsignage.NET accounts to which they can subscribe at any time. As an user, you will be able to upload, schedule and edit content in digitalsignage.NET and test the software at your leisure. Buy a subscription only when you’re ready to launch your digital signage project.

Furthermore, if after registering you share or Like this news on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn, we’ll enter you into a prize draw for a FREE one- year subscription of digitalsignage.NET. You need this to send content to your screens.

If this sounds interesting, register here for a quick walk-through of our digital signage software. This is an on-demand, pre-recorded webinar, so we’ll send you the link to the video once it’s made available online.

Who should attend? SaaS digital signage webinar

Any member of a public or private organization that has a multitude of messages to send and a variety of audiences to address (staff, customers, and other stakeholders).

Any AV/IT company that wants to enrich their portfolio with an easy- to-use, easy- to-sell  product that is suitable to a variety of projects- from marketing and advertising to corporate communications, staff training and facilities management.



As of 12 April 2013, registration for the webinar is closed and our prize draw winner has been announced. Please watch the webinar here.


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