Industry Catch- Up: The 5th Munich Digital Signage Conference

An important event for the digital signage industry took place this week in Munich, organized by Invidis – the No. 1 digital signage consulting and research organisations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in collaboration with OVAB*. We kept an eye on the news communicated by industry watcher DailyDOOH about the conference and what caught our attention were Invidis’ fulfilled predictions on the Digital Signage market, among which we quote:

  1. Green IT – LED backlight
  2. Adoption of Internet Technology – CMS Turnkey Solutions;
  3. Software – Licenses replaced by services (see our SaaS product digitalsignage.NET)

Observers concluded that in Germany, digital signage has seen an important growth in the past 12 month, evolving from a ”nice to have” system to a ”must have” one.

Another interesting topic brought up during the conference was the Pay Per Look Concept by Ayuda, a measurement tool especially interesting for media companies (JCDecaux, ClearChannel) and major advertisers in look for  a better, more flexible and more accurate charging manner. According to Adrian Coterill, Editor-in-Chief @ DailyDOOH Ayuda likened its work so far  to ”that of concept cars”, with ideas being trialed some of which may never make it into ”production”. Yet, this technology could be far more advanced than we might think.

The Conference is not over yet so other issues of interest for the industry and for our company might be raised, and if the case, we will summarise them here.

You might want to read DailyDOOH’s article on What Makes The Perfect Conference according to whom this particular digital signage conference ticked all the boxes.



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