Digital Signage and Augmented Reality

An interesting shopping concept was launched by Zugara’s Webcam Social Shopper at DEMO 2011 enabling consumers to try clothes on using just a webcam and an augmented reality software embedded in an e-commerce website. And wait! There’s more to that! FaceCake came up with a virtual fitting room (see video below) a.k.a. Swivel that makes it possible for people to try clothes and accessories practically everywhere where there’s a screen for that. Now you see where I’m going. With an increased convergence between the mirror and the screen one might wonder what can digital signage get out of this? An idea of future opportunities is given by Intel’s Intelligent Digital Signage Content which running on mirror- size multi-touch holographic screens allows shoppers in Adidas or Levi’s outlets to ”explore merchandise faster, find out about promotions, submit feedback on products, read customer reviews, view past purchasing histories and share what they have discovered with their friends via social media and mobile phone integration” (Intel’s News Release). Wow!

Digital signage’s future success resides in providing retailers with an engaging and interactive solution that would help them relate to customers in a more personal manner by using new technologies, with the aim of improving customer experience, increase sales volume and profits.

With the border between real and virtual further blurred don’t forget that the virtual clothes cost real money for being worn out there, in the real world 😉