The magical cereals and the screen

If you’re thinking your customers might just miss your product among the multitude of offers eCoupled, an American technology company, came up with a solution: make them blink! Besides that, the eCoupled intelligent packaging system offers an in-store management system with product quantities monitored, new stock automatically ordered and expiry dates checked. It seems like the ideal packaging which is not even expensive! (eCoupled actually calls it ”a low cost pack enhancement”). On the customer side, consumers are supplied with a home inventory control available at their finger tips (from smartphone or an inventory screen) and an automatically generated shopping list (no more totally forgotten to- buys and shopping hassle).

Now that’s great but what does this have do to with digital signage? Well, we’ re happy to acknowledge that a step towards the integration of the two has been made. Small LCDs on packaging displaying what’s inside already exist but they failed to become popular because of their cost (for the moment we’ re still trying to find a relevant video or article to picture this concept which was a fortunate memory of our colleague Andrew). A more cost- effective alternative would be using the consumer’s mobile phones as platform for displaying this product demo or ad when they’re looking at a certain item (providing their phones are NFC- enabled). But enough speculation for now, let’ s have a look at the magic cereal (boxes) customers will definitely not miss (that’s what smart in-store advertising do to you).

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