digitalsignage.NET attains the ‘Powered by Windows Azure’ mark


digitalsignage.NET the SaaS based digital signage system has today attained the Microsoft ‘Powered by Microsoft Azure’ mark.

The Powered By Windows Azure program is designed to indicate to our customers that digitalsignage.NET meets a set of requirements set out by Microsoft. The mark gives our customers the comfort that not only is digitalsignage.NET a simple to operate & manage digital signage system, but also one that sits in a massively scaleable and reliable infrastructure.

Azure Dublin Data Centre

Azure Dublin Data Centre

Microsoft Windows Azure is a cloud based service based out of 6 Microsoft data centres – Dublin, Amsterdam, Chicago, San Antonio, Singapore & Hong Kong and designed so that applications such as digitalsignage.NET can run with the utmost reliability and scalability.

The Microsoft data centres are pretty big beasts, here is a picture of one of the smaller ones in Dublin. Azure is designed so that data is replicated automatically between the two data centres in any geographical region, so data in Dublin is automatically replicated in Amsterdam and vice versa, so that customer data is preserved in the event of one data centre completely failing. What does all this mean for our customers?

1. No need to worry about backing up your data on digitalsignage.NET
2. No need for highly skilled IT staff to manage complex digital signage servers
3. No need to worry about storage – we have 600Tb available with more availability if needed
4. No need to worry about server bandwidth – Your files can be downloaded for playback at up to 60Mbytes/sec.

See how  digitalsignage.NET works, by taking a free 30 day trial. Click on the button below.

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