Digital signage in Doctors waiting rooms


Digital signage in Doctors waiting rooms allow you to send targeted messages from a central point, be it a reception desk or a communications department.

Many Doctors surgeries and clinics will benefit from digital signs as they are a versatile and cost effective tool in your healthcare marketing toolbox. Not only that, they provide an efficient way of delivering messages to patients and staff.

One of the main reasons healthcare establishments would want to make use of digital screens is to deliver important messages, such as; Key health advice and season warnings, staff messages, and adverts of relevant products. However, the messages may be either aimed at customers or staff, or both, meaning that location is key. The content you display will be different for each, but the length of content should be considered, too.

Advantages of digital signage include:

  • Information can be shown in real time from online sources
  • Can be updated at any time with no extra cost or printing required
  • Support videos
  • Messages can be posted at certain dates and times using an automation tool
  • Create Interaction using the inbuilt touchscreen capability of the software.

Staff and patients will never watch long videos shown on digital signage in corridors. Short and straight to the point messages are best to show in areas that people don’t tend to spend as much time in,

hospital-healthcare-digital-signageOn the other hand, a place such as a waiting room would be more suitable for longer communications such as videos.  As we are all aware, waiting around can be quite frustrating, so delivering interesting and entertaining content is a great way to keep your patients happy.

Benefits of using digital signage for healthcare include:

  • More informed patients
  • Reduced workload for staff
  • Fewer complaints
  • Lower print and other communications costs

Here at Dynamax we can provide you with a digital signage solution (digitalsignage.NET) tailored to your needs, that will enhance your patients experience and also improve your communications for staff. Communication is key to a smooth running of day-to-day activities and routine procedures.

If you would like to experiment with our digital signage software for free, with no obligations click here to request a consultation. Or download our ‘Digital signage for Healthcare’ white paper for extra information, for free.

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