Four advantages of digital signage in retail

Why use signage systems in retail?

Digital signage is a very powerful tool, especially in the retail world. Digital information screens can be used throughout the store for branding, merchandising, promoting products and entertaining customers. Not only are they visually appealing, but they give retailers the opportunity to improve the shopping experience for customers.

Dynamic digital displays can grab a customers attention and influence their purchasing decision quickly, as it has been proved that a positive customer experience means a person
is more likely to buy from the store.

These are the four main advantages we believe digital signage has in retail:

1. Digital signage is instant
Digital displays offer the ideal platform in order for you to change information immediately, such as promotions for products or for specific customers. Unlike static signage that may have been in place before, this can be a much less time-consuming way of getting your information across.

2. The ability to use in-store digital advertising
Digital advertising screens allow advertisers to buy screen time for their product, meaning driving more sales at the point-of-decision. Factors such as the size of the screen, type of content and circumstances are varied, but the most successful networks are always treated the same as other in-store mediums. This is also a means of making money, as retailers sell advertising space to their suppliers.

3. Raising brand awareness & sales
Digital signage can complement current marketing and merchandising strategies to further enhance the shopping experience, build loyalty, and also increase sales. The use of digital signage to provide relevant information to an audience near the point of purchase has allowed retailers to generate higher brand awareness and uplift their sales.

4.  Employee training & skills management
Retailers will typically face high levels of employee turnover. Digital signage can raise awareness about current job vacancies or provide staff training, improving employee competence and job satisfaction.

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