Why is digital signage growing so quickly?

The 3 main reasons…

Digital signage is expanding rapidly. The market has grown by over 35 percent and industry experts expect more than 22 million digital signs to be deployed by 2015, according to Infocomm.

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The growth of our industry comes as no surprise as there are a number of advantages. Our product, digitalsignage.NET is particularly targeted at small and medium businesses, and we’re always eager to put the many features in the spotlight. But what are the main reasons behind the success of digital signage? Here’s a handful of ideas we have put together.

Affordable prices
With digital signage now available at such affordable prices, more and more businesses are investing in screens. Though the initial outlay may cost more than what a traditional print ad or sign would, a huge amount of money will be saved further down the line with digital signage software. Take a look at our Android digital signage solution as an example.

Content is easily updated
In addition to being affordable, another reason for success is the ease of updating the software. For example, a cinema may want to display a new promotion that has been put in place, or a restaurant may want to display different menus depending on the time of day. These things can be done quickly and efficiently, making businesses more keen on the idea.

Attracts more attention
The ability to display different elements at once connects with customers in a more subtle way than traditional methods. Newsfeeds, videos and information displays capture a persons attention in a more direct manner. It goes without saying that digital screens look attractive, too.

Can you think of any more reasons why digital signage is becoming so successful? Let us know using the comments box below.

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