Digital signage beyond the advertising industry

Digital signage is all about targeting your audience with relevant information. However, there is no doubt that the digital signage industry is mainly driven by advertising. Increasingly, companies are now recognising the power of digital signage screens, and that they are equally suited to being digital information displays alongside being a good medium for entertainment.

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The possible applications and options for digital signage displays are endless. Other functions include:

  • Corporate communications
  • Public Information
  • Widgets
  • Interactive displays (Social networking sites, photographs etc)
  • Promotions

Read our case studies for more information about the many different uses of digital signage.

Digital signage enables users to display their messages more dynamically to a specific target audience. In today’s media, people tend to find busier screens more appealing as they contain considerably more information than a static image. However, a screen that contains a large amount of content may be confusing to the consumer – so it’s extremely important to keep the messages clear.

As a method of advertising, digital signage is highly successful. Looking back at our previous blog post, digital advertising screens seem to have a slight edge over traditional advertising as we move forward.

Since digital signage software allows you to frequently change and update content, it is also used to save money compared to what would usually be spent on printing costs and/or construction costs.

Companies are now starting to become more aware of the vast variety of functions digital signage has to offer. Are you interested in a digital signage solution for your business?


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