Is digital advertising taking over traditional advertising?

Over the past year many people have been questioning whether digital advertising screens are, or should be taking over traditional advertising. First of all let’s take into account what types of advertising are considered as ‘traditional’:

  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Direct Mail
  • TV & Radio
  • Billboards

Some people believe that traditional advertising offers a straight-forward strategy in order to achieve success. It is true that these traditional advertising methods are still effective in reaching a fairly large, yet shrinking audience. However, with digital media signage experiencing a new growth, evolving with this trend is now at the top of most advertisers agendas.

Digital advertising received a bad name in its infancy years, but the stigma is starting to clear now that advertising companies, marketers and the media are realising its value. People working within the digital-place based media sector have reported a double-digit growth in the past two quarters. Some of this growth can be put down to the slowly recovering economy, but people working with digital media have also seen the benefit of consumer trends and a greater understanding by advertisers, who are learning how to use digital signage effectively.

The growth of digital advertising may be slow, but that’s because some marketers may see traditional advertising as a ‘safe’ choice. The audience and demographic is known by the company, and these types of advertisements would be rather straight-forward. If  a company wanted to look into going digital, a whole range of questions would need to be answered first. What type of ad are we placing? Where should we place it? Will it interact with the user?

Gartner Report Statistics

According to a recent Gartner Report, digital or online advertising was at the top of online marketing budgets, at 12.5%. With digital advertising continuing to expand its reach, the big question still remains: Can digital advertising replace all traditional advertising? Please tell us what you think by using the comments box below.

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