UK above rest of Western Europe in media advertisement spending

New Global Media Intelligence report

The UK has topped the rest of Western Europe in total media advertisement spending per person, though advertisers in other countries are still spending more money in order to reach consumers. According to e-marketers latest report, Norway has topped the UK and the US in the category of “digital advertisement spending per internet user” – an estimated $209 each.

The chart below shows the media ad spending per person alongside digital ad spending per internet user:

Statistics from e-marketer

As you can see from the table, six countries from Western Europe are in top 10 worldwide positions for the total media ad spending per person. The UK are in the lead, with Norway and Denmark close.

Six spots in the top 10 for total digital advertisement spending per internet user have been taken by Western Europe, too, with Finland included in this category.

Western Europe is associated with 21.3% of total media ad spending and 24.1% of digital ad spending worldwide this year.

Total media advertisement spending will be up by just above one percent in 2013. Digital advertisement spending will grow by 10.2%, with Finland, Germany and the UK leading the way. A 12% growth has been projected for the year in each of these countries, according to figures in eMarketer’s latest Global Media Intelligence Report, produced in collaboration with Starcom MediaVest Group.

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