New Marketing Executive has arrived!

Just a little post to introduce myself…

New Marketing Executive at Dynamax

Hello all, I’m Beckie, the new Marketing executive here at Dynamax!

I’m aware that I have a lot to live up to, as Ana was an extremely talented member of the company, and I hope to carry on her legacy and be as much of an asset as she was.

The most exciting part about this role is that it’s new, it’s challenging and I have a lot to learn. The team here is extremely friendly and really helping me as much as they can along the way.

I graduated with a 2:1 in BA (Hons) Journalism from the University of Central Lancashire, and my background is also predominantly journalism (in the sense of experience etc.) I have done lots of voluntary work for broadcast companies such as ITV and the BBC where I would work on the planning desks and film, or make tea…

I’ve recently completed a marketing internship before coming to work here at Dynamax, and that’s when I decided that this was the right career path for me.

My main interest is travel, I love to see new places and experience new cultures. Watching live music and going to festivals are also my favourite things to do in my spare time!

I’ll make a promise with you that blog posts will stay regular and interesting, I’ll keep you updated on any news in the digital signage world and I will try my best to keep you informed and inspired. 🙂

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