And the winner is….

From England to Mexico- Congratulations, Jose!

As you probably know, during the entire month of March we invited all those interested to sign up for our newly launched webinar and enter our prize draw for a free 1-year subscription of digitalsignage.NET (read more here).

Registration for the webinar closed on Thursday and on Friday we announced the lucky (and randomly picked) winner on Twitter. Jose Antonio Talavera from SLL Mexico won the free subscription and with it, the right to use our software for one year for free to display content on one or several screens.

SSL (Satellite Store Link) Mexico is an AV and digital signage integrator that provides design, installation, network and content management, advertising and technical support to clients from a variety of sectors. They also operate their own teleport and data centre that they use, among other things, to send targeted advertising to digital screens in Mexican cinemas.  So again, ¡felicitaciones Jose! As you said, it feels good to win.

This being said, we wish to thank all those who have registered for the webinar for their interest in digitalsignage.NET- we hope you’ve found it useful. If you haven’t signed up, well, you can watch it below since we’ve made it available to everyone on Friday.

Whether you’ve registered for the webinar or it’s the first time you’ve heard about it, we invite you to set up a digitalsignage.NET account, see how our digital signage software works (at no costs) and when you’re ready to go ahead with your project and install your screen(s), just give us a nudge.

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Image credit: avlxyz, Flickr


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