Digital signage in cinema lobbies

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Content created by multimedia company and Dynamax customer, Review Systems.

Ok, we’ll say it. Digital signage in cinemas is not a good idea… It’s a great one! During the years, we’ve seen several clients installing digital information displays in this environment (the last of whom being Review Systems but more on that later) due to the numerous benefits of the system.

You may well argue that there already is One Big screen in the cinema theater, so why would you need additional ones? Simply put, to be able to put Your message in front of your customers. You can object by saying that printed posters can do the job. Yet, if you want to create an out-of-the ordinary, efficient and sustainable communication platform for your cinema lobbies (that can also save you money) then this is the solution to choose.

Here are some of its most important strong points:

–          A multitude of potential uses and messages supported by one single medium;

–          An eye- catching communication channel, easy to update and monitor online (from one or several central locations);

–          Cost- effective and usable for several years (a standard commercial LCD screen would last somewhere between 30,000 to 60,000 hours while an LED backlit one could be used for a minimum of 60,000 hours- which amounts to an average of 7 years);

–          Energy efficient- most screens are ENERGY STAR® certified;

–          Flexibility of increasing the size of your digital signage network whenever you need to;

–          Possibility to communicate highly- relevant, time and location- specific information (as opposed to the same message everywhere);

–          Ability to interact with the viewers by asking them to vote, tweet or scan a QR code using their smartphones;

–          Ability to display complementary information simultaneously (adverts can be mixed with weather, news or traffic feeds).

digital signage running digitalsignage.NET

Content scheduled and published in digitalsignage.NET. In this case, the client opted for using full- screen content.

We had a look at the content displayed by one of our end- users to give you some ideas about the types of messages that digital information displays in cinema lobbies can support:

–          Ticket prices;

–          Special offers- discounts, deals for Kids, cool combos (popcorn & drinks), gift cards/ vouchers;

–          Trailers of upcoming and current movies;

–          Seating information;

–          Social media updates (from Twitter or Flickr for example);

–          News about the cinema (have you increased the number of seats, upgraded to a 3D screen, opened a new cinema in another location?);

–          Special events (special guests, late nights, film festivals etc.)

–          Adverts of local businesses (why not make some money if possible?);

–          And many other things based on the interests of the people in your area, your venue’s activities, time of the year and other variables.

Digital signage solutions allow you to:

–          present this information in different formats: Images (JPG’s), videos (MPG’s for example), HTML5 widgets for example (which are great for showing real- time information to make your screens more informative thus more attractive);

–          combine this information however you want (as long as your screen doesn’t become cluttered). Review Systems have opted to display content full –screen but you may choose to use layouts (as the ones offered by our digital signage software) to organise your communications. Just be careful to keep it clean and concise.

Digital signage is a must- have for any venue with lots of things going on for they allow you to refresh your communications daily if need be, keeping viewers informed about your latest news at all times.

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