How augmented reality turns a paper wristband into a luxury watch

Reiterating the idea that interactive screens are necessary and not a bonus, a high street brand Tissot showcased a 3D window shop  (actually a computer LCD screen) in London, that pedestrians can use to try watches on. The concept is somehow similar to Zugara’s Webcam Social Shopper which allows you to try on  clothes virtually. Several things can be inferred from this:

1) augmented reality becomes quite popular among top brands and with it interactive window shops (I’ve identified at least two brands doing it: Repetto in Paris and Tissot in London but I’m sure they’re many others I didn’t spot yet). This new type of window shops (actually screens) are definitely efficient in attracting viewers but how many of them do actually afford or are ready to buy what they’re seeing?… (for some thoughts on this from Dave Trott click here )

2) customers getting more and more used to interactive digital signage experiences implies they will expect to find more of it wherever they go. Thus this ”luxury” will be democratised as well sooner or later (with smaller shops implementing the touch screen technology);

3) luxury is becoming more and more mainstream- or within the reach of the average individual even if not purchasable (just yet). Any person can now try on a luxury watch (virtually) which triggers the desire to acquire one (sooner or later, if saving enough). Maybe that’s what Tissot had in mind- reposition its product in the consumers’ mind.

4) the possibilities of digital signage’s usefulness increase with the technology: trying items on, sharing photos from AR windows in-store, exploring shops, exploring locations… What next?

See what I’m talking about below and feel free to challenge my thoughts.


P.S.  Want some augmented reality fun at home? Check out this General Electric hologram– just print the image and put it in front of your webcam- the same principle, the same fun!

augmented watch design

Try this at home! general electric hologram


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