Put on your screen and carry your message!

The outdoor advertising campaign for Virgin Radio in Paris managed to generate 1 million views and 5,200 qualified contacts in one week only through a combination of dance, music and…an unusual type of digital signage brought about by Cübb’s Cyklops. The concept consists of a display carried by a person (like a bag pack) showing a video or other type of advertising content. Arguably, the efficiency of the support doesn’t necessarily derive from its mere technical capabilities (presented below) but from its originality. This is like nothing we’ve seen before!

Cyklop’s technical specifications

  • Convert your movies to avi Format (codec Divx), mp3 sound
  • Screen resolution 640*470 (4:3) ;
  • PPT Format : PPT document or PPT animate
  • for more go to cubb.fr.

One million views in one week it’s quite impressive yet it’s not clear how this was measured (besides that, the Cyklops were also ”carried” in the busiest areas of a very busy city-Paris, which definitely contributed to the final result).

The campaign was deployed by Cübb and KR Live.

Source: Ooh-tv.

Update- The 1 million visual contacts represent the number of estimated passers-by in a given place at a given moment in time (geo-marketing data provided by KR Media) and the 5,200 qualified contacts represent the number of gifts (t-shirts, caps, etc.) given to passers- by. Special thanks to Denis Gaumondie- Ooh-tv and Pascal Cübb- Cübb’s CEO who had the kindness to clarify this matter for us.