Apps go religious

With more and more tech-savvy believers an increasing number of apps that respond to their needs have been created Wall Street Journal records. Working and urban faithful are arguably the ones these apps appeal to the most. Read Bible verses or the right blessing for the right type of Kosher food right from your smart phone. Its seems like technology is impacting more and more spheres of our life and somehow unsurprisingly, the spiritual side of us as well. Of course there is some way to go until the worship venues will become digitalised but screens are used for quite a while as a platform for transferring religious messages. The religious apps also make for an interesting cultural trend to observe, as religion itself penetrates social media and now the smart phones.

It’s a field that needs to be treated cautiously so I won’t say more but let you see the video below and draw the conclusions for yourself. What is clear is that life becomes more and more digital and screen-connected. Enjoy!


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