Elevated Digital Signage

Every space is a potential revenue- generating resource as long as there is someone to listen, watch or read what somebody else has to say. Elevators have become a targeted location for digital-out-of-home media networks who saw it as a highly attractive environment. First in this environment there are few external elements competing for a person’s attention; second taking the elevator implies a few minutes long state of idleness as there are few things one could do in such a short time and in such a limited space. Yet, the ”elevator trip” offers enough resources to put a message across on a screen. We could even name it a privileged location since there are few places in which the chances of capturing the audience’s/viewers’ entire attention are as high (chances decreasing with the size and traffic of the public space. In the end, public restrooms have been chosen for distraction- free related reasons…)

Office building managers could be interested in tapping the financial resourcefulness of elevators that could be turned from mere transportation means into sources of advertising- revenue and a new internal communication channel. With enough benevolent advertisers the humble lift could be the buildings’ newest gold-mine!

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Screens in lifts

Digital signage in escalators

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