Dynamax makes You a star!

”The image of a youngster, glued to their mobile phone, talking a mile a minute about the latest celebrity will be a familiar sight to many parents” (Marketing Week). The challenge is transforming you into a star and this highly wired generation into your fans. We’re up for it!

We all know that stars appear on the screens. So get yourself one and get your great message across while they’re in your venue. And if you’re making your audience use your phone to connect to you (website) and/or screen then the chances are that the connection will persist beyond the point of purchase/ point of interaction with you.

Here’ s some information you could use:
in-store mobile and social technologies are colliding and emerging. Get your piece of the pie and do it in an unobtrusive manner- use a screen;
a functional retail technology leads to consumers recommending the venue to friends and family (source: ScreenMediadaily);

Getting people talking about you is an important factor in becoming a ”star” but for this to happen you need to offer something atypical and of value to them. News, relevant info and ads are good but making the entire experience entertaining would bring you instant popularity credit.

To save a few valuable minutes of your life we came up with a simple check-list you need to tick if planning to install a screen (digital signage system) in your venue. Your welcome!

So again? How are we helping you to become a star? By providing you with an instrumental tool (the software) and constant support throughout the process.

All these thoughts summarised in the short video below. Enjoy!


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