Reading, watch out -NFC is coming to town!


Image credit: Ooh-tv

Ooh-tv has recently announced us that JCDecaux will equip the British town of Reading with NFC technology, the system being active from the 5th of March.  NFC technologies allow the transfer of information between digital devices by bringing them into close proximity and touching them together.

We are not given many details about what specific applications the technology will serve but we are told that it will allow users to enjoy entertainment and access special offers . We also know that 325 advertising ”touchpoints” will be NFC-enabled among which bus shelters (and we must say that JCDecaux has an interesting portfolio of projects for this type of displays), outdoor displays and screens inside the Oracle Shopping Mall.

There is no official announcement on the news on JCDecaux’s UK website yet but in an article published by NFC World the advertising company, explains why Reading  was the chosen location for this particular deployment and reveals its hopes for the project. According to their research, the Berkshire town is one of the most tech-savvy in Britain, with a higher number of smartphones owners than in the rest of the country. Marketing director at JCDecaux UK, David McEvoy, cited in the article, concludes by saying that ”This puts Reading at the forefront of interactivity at bus shelters and so we really hope people will try it out”.

If you’re living in Reading do try it out and let us know what you think about the experience using the comments box below!

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