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Continuing the series of ”What we’ve read and liked in the past week” and without further introductions here are our 4 picks:

1) Industry publication, Digital Signage Today makes it to the top with its article commentary written by Jose Avalos ”Digital signage and the interactive brand”. He gives some interesting examples of interactive brand experiences such as Lego’s Interactive Wall, Kraft Foods iSample or Macy’s Beauty Spot that allow customers to manipulate the media and the offer. Avalos encourages brands to ”go beyond the push”, create engagement and be ”omni-channel” (taking a holistic approach to the different communication channels available).

2) InAVate announces us that Paris is ”terrorised” by a tiger that, gladly,┬áis totally under control and projected from a moving vehicle onto different surfaces of the French capital (buildings, walls, etc). Another cool element is that the speed of 3D projected tiger is determined by the speed of the car. The faster it accelerates, the faster the tiger will run.

3) Choosing the metaphor of <a match made in heaven> and a day with similar connotations (the 14th of February), DailyDOOH announces the acquisition of AKA.TV, an important news resource for all those interested in the signage industry, established in 2003. Details as to where will this acquistion lead are still kept secret. In any case, Mazel Tov!

4) A recent research quoted by Ooh-tv has caught our attention, mainly due to its findings- glasses-free 3D displays increase dwell time. This wouldn’t be something surprising on its own, due to the novelty of the display, yet the study continues by stating that sales for the product advertised on the 3D display have also rose by 8.5%. We thought it’s worth mentioning it. The research in cause was conducted by Dimenco and Tilburg University using three different Red Bull racks in three different locations (could the location of the 3D screen influenced results?)

All in all, great articles everybody, keep them coming!

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P.S. Oh and of course this one too, published on Friday by DailyDOOH- Dynamax moves customer to the cloud with IAdea.

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