Go cloud-based digital signage and ditch that USB

Entry level Digital signage can be easy to access for those customers who require a very simple solution. This maybe in the form of a USB stick that is loaded with media content and placed in the rear of a suitable display. The onboard media player reads the Usb stick and plays the media content as a slideshow. Simple yet effective.

This is fine for single screens located on the same premises you operate, but what happens if your number of screens grows or your business develops and you now have additional premises with multiple screens?
Imagine the scenario……….
You have some new advertisements that you want to show on your 20 screens. You put the USB drive in your PC and load the media. You take the USB to your screen and place it back of the screen and your done.

Ok that was simple, but hold on a minute, you now have to do that with the rest of your screen estate, located in 20 different locations. Wow ! this is going to take some time. After a week of travelling you return home exhausted.Tired woman

The following week you have new updates, so you decide to not drive this time but to purchase a selection of USB sticks and post them to your locations. You will get a member of staff on site to load the ads.

Great problem solved, but wait there is another issue. You have more ads to get out this week. You ask the sites to return the USB sticks so that you can reuse them. Out of the 20 sites you receive 8 USB drives and constantly have to chase the sites to get them returned. You have advertisements you need to get out but a shortage of USB sticks. Very frustrating.
So what’s the best solution to all this messing about, well that’s were cloud based digital signage comes in. It will take your pain points away.

With cloud-based digital signage, you can mange all your 20 sites without leaving your desk. With a simple to use piece of digital signage software you will be able to have all your sites updated within minutes, as many times as your wish, leaving you more time in your day for other things and no worries about those missing USB sticks.

If you are currently updating your screens with a USB stick and would like to know more about cloud-based digital signage, then get in touch. With licences from less than 33 pence per day it will not break the bank either.

Free demonstration and free demo licences are available to new customers.

Need more? Our network of resellers can provide anything you need to create and manage your digital signage network efficiently and cost effectively. 

Just point your web browser to https://core.digitalsignage.net and get into digital signage that works for you.

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