10 digital signage uses for Pharmacies

Pharmacy digital signage

There are a number of advantages to using digital signage in a healthcare setting over a traditional notice board or static poster.

We have 10 suggested uses for digital signage for Pharmacies, to create an informative and eye catching focal point.

  1. Display educational resources from external online sources such as the NHS website
  2. Promote your own Pharmacy’s online presence and services
  3. Utilising video and other forms of multimedia to educate the public
  4. Increasing awareness of national and local policy changes
  5. Publishing statistics on public health to promote awareness
  6. Encouraging the uptake of services and healthy lifestyle choices
  7. Displaying staff profiles to make your team qualifications and achievements
  8. Advertising in-pharmacy services
  9. Centralise content control
  10. Mix important messages with your social media streams

Other things to consider

  • Choose a simple and intuitive digital signage platform.
  • Find a partner that provides great support
  • Select a platform that is flexible enough to grow as you grow
  • Get maximum impact with a large commercial grade display(s)
  • Ensure that you get excellent support from a proven and trusted digital signage provider like Dynamax

Check two of our reseller’s latest installs powered by digitalsignage.NET from Dynamax


Northfield Pharmacy

Janssens pharmacy digital signage


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