7 Social Media Tips for Retailers when using digital signage

Retailers are always looking for innovative ways to bring customers into their stores. Promos like voucher codes from vouchercodes.co.uk and Groupon to allow customers to download offers on their tablets and smart phones, but most must be redeemed online. Since the rise of the internet, getting people to actual visit the store has increasing been a major challenge for retailers.

One way to drive customer engagement and make them aware of offers only available in store, is via social media sites. Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and YouTube, to name a few, have helped get retail brands offers out there, but some thought is needed when planning your social media strategy.

This strategy can then also be applied seamlessly to your in-store digital signage network, creating a flow and familiarity for visitors when they visit your store.

Here are some tips on how retail stores can capitalise on their social media audiences.

  • Be creativePizza degree

Write something memorable. If something has been in the news that’s outrageous you can pick an angle no one mentions.

For example, “You can study Pizza as a college course, but find out why ours taste the best”. Unique content gets noticed and shared.


  • Create an eye catching headlineFeel good foods

People love lists, that’s why you always see those Top 10 lists at the end of each year, and the headline is the first part of your story that people see.

Even before social media, headlines were important, people didn’t read a story unless they liked the headline. That’s still the case today. Pick something catchy. For example, “Top 10 Feel good foods for Christmas”


  • Pick the right social media sitessocial-media-icons

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram have specific audiences and content types, they all have advantages and disadvantages. Knowing which one is right for you can make all the difference.


  • Add pictures to your post and tweetsApple watch

Pictures are popular and shared often. As the saying goes “A picture says a thousand words. Retailers, especially, should consider using pictures and also video content.

Uses can instantly see the products on offer and use the provided link in the post to go direct to the offer and buy



  • Give ideas to your customers

People search on a number of topics and they almost always search for tips or tricks for something. You can be the cooking expert. For example, ‘All time Top 20 recipes” is one type of tips articles you can post.


  • Give shoppers a voicefeedback-1 

Retailers also always want people to review their products and their store.

In store surveys carried out using your own staff can also be applied via social media . Ask for reviews of purchases , post hastags to generate conversation and when you get feedback, respond to both negative and positive thoughts.

Feedback will help you understand your customers better and help improve your products and associated services



  • Competition timewinner-02

More and more retailers are looking to use social media for prize draws.

Post details of in-store only competitions on social media sites to attract customer interest.

After all everyone wants to win something don’t they ?



Now make the most of what you have learned

Use what you have applied online and learnt in this blog, to add this great strategy your in-store digital signage displays. Create great eye catching content and promote social media awareness, with prominent in store signage and powerful digital signage software

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