Why digital signage makes sense for AV companies


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Here are a few ideas on the benefits of digital signage solutions for AV companies.

1. A constant stream of revenue. Digital signage is not a one- off sale that after being closed will bring your company no additional income. With SaaS digital signage solutions you will enjoy monthly or yearly revenue, besides the support fee that you may want to charge. Once you sign up a client, the deal will continue to bring money to your company for years on a constant basis. The only condition for your future success is that you understand the system, the product you’re selling and its benefits.

2. A richer offer and a strong competitive advantage. There are companies that understand the potential of digital signage and there are those that don’t, with the last losing out to the first. If you’re offering video- conferencing, as many do- then why not include digital signage too? Just as a board room needs a VTC codec so does a facility needs a display powered by a media player and run by a software to send out the messages it wants to transmit, explains Brad Grimes, senior editor for InfoComm International. If you have the necessary expertise, you can create additional services around digital signage such as content creation, consultancy and support, generating more revenue from the system (just like our partner AuDeo).

3. A large pool of prospects– from SMB’s to large corporations, from schools to universities, from corner shops to supermarket chains, vet waiting room to hospitals, all of them can use digital signage (a.ka. digital information displays) to make communications more efficient, catch the attention of their target audience and promote their offers.

4. A flexible, scalable system– digital signage can be used for large and small projects. You can start with one screen and then grow the network to hundreds of displays, using existing infrastructure, building upon what is already in place (that’s why it is critical to choose the right solution the first time). Cloud- computing relieves you and your client of many IT tasks that were unavoidable before (like maintaining servers) thus decreasing overall costs.

5. Technology that is accessible to everybody. Cloud-based digital signage software is usually less complex a product than its on-premise counterpart. This means that you don’t have to be a ‘techy’ to understand how it works and neither do your potential clients. When we created the latest version of digitalsignage.NET user- friendliness was an important consideration. We wanted people with little or no technical skills to be able to start managing their media as quickly as possible, knowing that this boosts customer satisfaction.

6. You’re not in this alone. When starting selling digital signage you don’t have to start figuring it all out by yourself. Our partners, for example, benefit from our 20 years + experience in digital signage and are offered advice whenever needed, besides training, support materials and ongoing technical maintenance. We want them to succeed as much as they do. Listen to what our partner AuDeo has to say about our partnership and how digital signage fits into their offer.

Learn about the benefits of having us on your side in the creation and upgrade of your digital signage offer.

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According to Brad Grimes, more and more companies will ask for digital signage ‘’so they (AV integrators) would better be able to deliver’’

Then why aren’t they taking full advantage of this market opportunity? Some have suggested lack of IT knowledge, lack of understanding of what is digital signage is (maybe even the term itself doesn’t help)

What is your opinion? What are the barriers that prevent or discourage them to do so?

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