White paper- Digital Signage for Hospitality

By reading this white paper you will discover:

–          The benefits of using digital menu boards in restaurants;

–          The benefits of using digital signage in hotels;

–          Useful evaluation criteria for choosing the most appropriate solution for your needs;

–          Interesting hospitality industry stats;


The paper also contains quotes from technology writers, marketing experts (such as Coca Cola’s CMO and the International Social Media Manager at Orange) on the importance of location- based digital services, cloud- computing and references to articles on the use of technology in hospitality.

Here’s an excerpt from our ebook explaining how digital information displays enable you to up and win your multi channel game:


Encourage your clients to check in via Foursquare in order to lower the price of a certain menu and keep them informed on the progress of the operation via the screen (see how a Swedish supermarket did it back in 2011).

Or have them join a conversation on Twitter and then display their tweets on your screens (but not before curating them). These examples of a two-way communication involve smartphones and tablets, devices largely used while dining.

According to a study by Lab42 quoted by Mashable, 24% of the interviewed consumers take pictures of their entrees. As a restaurateur, wouldn’t you like to see and use these pictures?

They would be a great marketing tool. Display them on your screens as a way to inspire your customers and promote your food. Bring social media into the equation again and ‘brag’ about your customers and dishes on two platforms simultaneously…”

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