Latest software updates- version 2.6.9

New features added

  • Player Groups– the ability to create a group of players that allows targeting of playlists to multiple channels and players, making scheduling easier
  • Transparent Widgets– Widgets can now be added as transparent, allowing overlaying in layouts
  • Widget Background Images– images can now be added as a background behind a widget allowing customisation.
  • Video and HTML backgrounds in Layouts– Video backgrounds and HTML pages can be used as background in the layout designer allowing customisation of your design
  • Layout overlays– PNG overlays can now be added in Layouts. This allows users to add a mask over the top of a layout allowing customisation of your design
  • Expiring Assets in playlists– Individual assets can now be set to expire on a set time and date and will then no longer play in the playlist
  • Auto delete playlist assets after expiry– Content can now be set to be automatically be removed from a playlist if it is set to expire on a time and date.
  • Delete key facility in Layout Designer– zones can now be removed from a layout by clicking on the layout zone and hitting the delete key. This is in addition to the current X button in the top menu.
  • Tool tip. The edit feature in the layout section is hidden and some users where not aware that their layout could be edited. The gear icon now has a pop up tool tip highlighting this feature. Hover over the gear icon and it says “Edit layout” . Click to edit your layout.

 Fixed items

  • Windows 8 LUA issue– In some cases the Windows LUA settings in Windows 8 would change from setting 0 to 1. This setting is a security setting and would prevent content from playing. We have set an automatic check on this security setting to ensure that if any external program i.e..Antivirus, Window update, make changes to the LUA the digitalsignage.NET software will automatically change this back. FIXED
  • Duplicate names layouts were allowed in layouts. Duplicate layout should not be allowed as this causes confusion. FIXED
  • Help text-In the Widget section clicking the ? button on the right would reveal some text description about the widget. This text contained in this box is cut off on the right, making reading it difficult. The bullet spacing from the left have been decreased to make reading easier.
  • Widget preview-In the Layout section, previewing a scrolling text widget preview, dos not show the actual text that I have typed. It say “New version of digitalsignage.NET comes with HTML5 Support” and not the actual text you have typed. FIXED
  • Secondary playlist zones– Adding the Playlist Widget in the layout designer more than once, the label still says Playlist Zone 2 even though I have added more that one. This should read Playlist Zone 3, 4, etc FIXED
  • Layout help button- In the layout section the ? help button on the right, gives me no information just and image of a layout. Clicking the help button will now show a link to a video showing how to create a simple layout.

In order to take advantage of these new features download and install the latest digitalsignage.NET Premium player version  3.4 from the Networks/Downloads section. Removal of the old player will be required prior to installation.

Should you need any assistance or have any questions relating to these new feature and fixes, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at

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