dynamaxworld.com new website is launched

dynamaxworld.com– the website dedicated to our on-premise digital signage software, POV, has had a facelift after serving us faithfully for so many years.


We wanted the new website to reflect our corporate identity as one of the longest established digital signage companies in the industry, our rich history and the dynamic nature of POV, a product that has been developed and refined for the past 10 years.

Not only does the new website concentrate on our POV software, but it also makes the connection with our cloud-based software digitalsignage.NET which we have invested in heavily over the past three years. Through the Products page and an interactive questionnaire on the homepage, you can be redirected to which software will best suit your needs.

With updated content, more visuals and improved functionality, the revitalised dynamaxworld.com reinforces our commitment to the industry and POV and our background as a digital-out-of-home provider. The improved navigation will help visitors find the desired information faster and get in touch with us easier.

To learn more about our digital signage software, please request a free consultation or check out our infographic highlighting the differences between the two products (Cloud-based vs. on-premise digital signage systems).

Let us know what you think about the new website using the comments box below.

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