New Android digital signage solution now available

After a lengthy period of thorough testing, our Android digital signage solution is ready to launch. Consisting of a solid digital media playback device bundled together with digitalsignage.NET- our cloud-based software, this is the most cost-effective digital signage solution we have offered our clients.

Here’s what’s different about it and why you should consider it:

–          It’s cost-effective. Considerably less expensive than SMIL and Windows-based media devices, the Android ‘box’ provides the same functionality. By using it, you will be able to display the same image and video formats as the ones supported by ‘traditional’ media players and the digitalsignage.NET version running it will enable you to schedule content and monitor your system remotely, just as before. So you will save money without compromising on quality.

–          It’s reliable. The solution was tested by our team for months before its release so you can be rest assured that you can build a solid, sustainable digital signage solution.

–          It’s easy to deploy. Simply connect the device to your screen, set the Wi-Fi connection (or plug in the Ethernet cable) and run the digitalsignage.NET application. That’s it- your digital signage solution is ready to receive and display your content.

Here are a few thoughts that our company’s Founding Director, Howard Smith wanted to share with us regarding our newly launched Android bundle:

’This is by far the easiest digital signage solution we have offered our clients so far, a hassle-free system that suits the needs of any user and further simplifies the set-up process. When developing our Android player, we have thought inside the box – a box defined by our customers’ requirements. Believing in the future of simple digital signage, the decision to invest in this technology was only natural for us.’’

Our Android digital signage bundle is suitable for unsophisticated digital signage projects that need to be up and running quickly, without breaking the bank. To learn more about it and register your interest, please head to its dedicated web page.

Don’t forget that you can set up a digitalsignage.NET account for free and test the software at your own leisure before going for the complete solution.

The hardware side of the story- the Android media device you will soon be able to purchase from us


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