World’s largest digital advertising screen

Like probably most of you reading this, we get all sorts of emails everyday about all sorts of interesting ‘’news’’ that can be deemed irrelevant at best (and  a blog amplifies the phenomenon, believe us). Yet sometimes they do hit the right note. That’s what happened today as we were informed about what is believed to be- the world’s largest LED screen.

Unsurprisingly, it’s in China and it’s made of around 20 million LED’s.  It measures 23.42m x 41.86m and it is sold by a company called Messagemaker Displays based in Surrey, UK.

We can’t imagine other applications for the BIG screen besides displaying ads outdoors (in cities where that sort of size is acceptable by legislation.  Hmm, definitely not in France). In fact, the digital display is already used for the promotion of a Chinese furniture store.

Anyway, as the email included a link to a few photos of the screen (that doesn’t seem to advertise a furniture store but an acquarium) we had the chance to see it and share the images with you.


largest digital advertising screen in the world

Yes, that dot is a man.

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