New white paper- Digital Signage for Healthcare

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We’re launching a new white paper today aimed at healthcare professionals that want to improve their institution’s services through a better use of communications.  The paper presents the cost benefits of digital information displays as compared to printed posters and the different purposes the system can serve in a healthcare environment.

The rising importance of IT, the planned increase in related expenditure and the reduction in paper consumption announced by the NHS make a strong case for replacing or complementing static signs and printed posters with a greener, more sustainable communication solution that bears the sign of the future-  ”the digital’’.

‘Digital Signage for Healthcare’ goes on by presenting the advantages of cloud- based digital signage systems without failing to mention their potential limitations and the strong points of premise-  based systems, letting the reader decide which of the two is the most suitable for his/ her establishment’s needs (see a few of the evaluation criteria listed here).

The 16- page document proposes that measuring the system’s ROI makes sense in a healthcare context too and offers a few suggestions of results/ goals and measurement methods of their attainment.

So if you’re involved in the healthcare sector and have an interest in improving your establishment’s communications, download this white paper and learn:

–          why digital information displays (digital signs) make sense for healthcare establishments;

–          how they can be used and what type of messages they can support- both in terms of file and message types (basically your imagination is the limit);

–          what you need to purchase and what are the components of a digital signage system;

–          how to keep costs down…in style.


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