Our favourite digital signage articles from last week

Photo credit: NS Newsflash, Flickr

Even though busy for most of last week, we still kept our eyes and ears open for the latest news and articles from the digital signage industry generously shared on Twitter. So here’s a few of them that came our way:

1)      Fashion brand, Gap spreads some love in Times Square with the help of LocaModa. The campaign entitled ‘’Love Comes in Any Shade’’ is part of a larger digital seasonal promotion and encourages people to tweet photos supporting this idea. Once these are approved (Locamoda is working some magic at this stage) they are displayed on the massive Viacom Times Square screen. Head to this website where Stephen Randall explains you how it all works (and quotes some interesting stats). Next!

2)      Our focus stays on New York City as Disney’s most popular characters are parading on the digital store front of Barneys’. The ‘’holiday digital signage extravaganza’’ as Digital Signage Today labels it, consists of 425 Christie MicroTiles that, as far as we could see from the photos, create a beautiful store front on Madison Avenue.

3)      If you think digital signage is costly (it really isn’t on the long term…) then have a look at the lost opportunity cost of not using the system. Christopher Hall gives hotels that don’t leverage the technology a useful lesson in his article. ‘’ Boy, I bet if I’d noticed that, I might’ve spent some more money at the hotel instead of eating every meal elsewhere’’ he says highlighting where did the loss occur.

4)      The FBI (yes, the Federal Bureau of Investigation) unveiled a LCD price fixing conspiracy that took place between 2001 and 2006, presenting the anatomy of the conspiracy, the tactics and the unavoidable sanctions. We’re continuously surprised by what people share on Twitter and this is probably one of the most surprising and unusual finding of the week.

5)      DailyDOOH featured the success story of Alabama- based barbecue restaurant- Bob Sykes-Bar-B-Q that has seen sales boosted by the use of a digital menu board. “Photos have always sold food but digital photos and video really sell food.” said the restaurant owner content that its taco sales have doubled. Read more…

6)      Head to page 30 of InAVate’s November issue to find…us. The magazine presents the latest installs and developments in the AV industry from Europe and not only and offers a comprehensive review of what kept us busy in 2012. If you don’t have it in print, the electronic version is available online.

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We definitely haven’t exhausted the topic so if you have any suggestions that you’d like to share with us,  feel free to do so below.

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