A more alive customer experience

Tre, a Swedish provider of mobile phones and broadband launched a truly interactive shopping platform allowing users from any location to interact with (human) agents via a custom built touch screen.  The idea was to offer the same high-quality, personalized support to all customers irrespective of whether they are in-stores or not. The 3 Live Shop- implied ”equipment from all over the world” says Rickard Leckstrom, Senior Developper at B-Reel: mirrors, cameras, touch screens. They call it ”a video call with a twist”, the twist being the multi-touch environment, all built in Flash capable of detecting multiple fingers and hands and displaying products replicated on both the sales person’s and customer’s side.

The sales person can drag a product unto the screen, showcase its different features and then add it to the basket (actually an e-commerce platform linking the user and salesperson’s front ends). The system seems very user- friendly while quite technologically sophisticated and advanced. The hardware was built by Teenage Engineering and Isotop made the back end e-commerce integration. Good job!

Multi-touch screens with human interaction on both sides is something that could make human resource management more efficient, as staff could intervene in venues only when they are needed and do it remotely and easily via touch-screens.

See video below.

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