Tropicana- making OOH advertising the natural choice

Tropicana has just re-affirmed its allegiance to environmental concerns, which is quite a ”natural” attitude provided the company’s profile. The juice producer has just showcased another use for oranges- electricity provider.

Two weeks ago Tropicana set up the first  electronic public display in Paris fuelled by…oranges. The ”natural” wall displays a very explicit message: ”Natural Energy” created by 2,000 oranges (each producing 0.7 volts) that will be later on recycled. Tropicana’s out of home advertisement involved 2 months of research and tests and was realized by DDB Paris– a French creative agency.

We’re definitely living in a day and age when out-of-home advertising is being re-invented and we have the chance to see how far the industry has gone. From the plain poster to ads that almost make you forget you’re being ”talked into buying”. So” let the day begin” (le journee peut commencer) as out of home advertising  becomes the natural choice of many companies.

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