Apple’s iOS 5 and funny Steve Jobs movie

The newest version of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch’s operating system- the iOS 4.3.1 was launched last Friday, with improved connectivity and authentication features. Rumors say the iOS 5’s release will be postponed until autumn as Apple is focusing on bringing extra- cloud- based services (such as what we’d call a ”detective-friendly tool” in fact a location service meant to track down family and friends) and a voice control feature (which is said to be a combination of artificial intelligence and assistance technology).

If these rumors (in fact TechCrunch’s speculations) are true, then Apple is expected to present the new OS’s features during its 2011 Worldwide Developers Conference and launch its iPhone 5 simply equipped with the latest update of iOS 4 (iOS 4.3.1). Click here to read more.

Speaking of which, see a funny Steve Jobs animated movie (no hard feelings, Steve just more free publicity for you ;)) below.

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