Coping with emergency situations- how digital signage could help save lives

digital signage heartThe fire alarm goes off and everyone’ s asking what are they suppose to do. Before instructions are remembered (or not) and panic is mounting a screen informing people what’s happening and how to react could prove more than handy. Despite the high variety of emergency situations and the complexity of tackling them they all have a common chaos- preventing factor: the need for accurate and timely information.

More than just a sign on a screen, a digital signage network helps you display the ”saving messages” only where and when they are needed thus avoiding causing turbulence in the unaffected areas of your venue. Due to its flexibility and online connectivity a digital signage solution would allow you to personalize the screen content according to its location and provide real time information to close- to panicking students. staff, customers, patients etc. And because digital signage is an Internet- based system the content can be updated and uploaded from virtually anywhere removing a burden from the on-site’s staff’s shoulders allowing them to focus on more urgent issues (like running for their lives?:))

Anyway if you believe that your contingency plan needs improvement take this post as a free tip. Making your communication strategy instantaneous and centralised is a critical efficiency- enhancing aspect which, in extreme situations, could prove a live- saving factor.

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