Cooperation-based digital signage

networkWhen you are joining a digital signage network (i.e. count yourself as a customer of a digital signage company you bought your software from) you enjoy, apart from the product itself, some network specific benefits. One of this is a larger pool of resources and a higher reach of audience. Let us explain:

1. Most versions of digital dictation software allow you to see who the other network members are (the company’s other clients) as well as their public content (the resources they want to share with other members). Imagine you have a restaurant but don’t really have the resources to put a video together. Well, you could browse through the network’s resources and if you’re lucky enough you might find one corresponding to your needs (made by another restaurant). Well, if finding the right video might be complicated specific photos and content ideas are a much more commonly shared helping tool.

2. Now imagine your audience being spread all around the country or the county. A network’s clients can easily become your potential partners in helping you increase your reach and brand awareness. How? By buying screen advertising space and displaying your ads in the right type of venue from the right region. Do you want to launch different messages across different venues? Or launch a highly local- specific ad in one particular venue located miles away from you? A digital signage software can help you do that. You can update and upload a content (your image/video ad) from wherever and whenever you want; it’s all on the Internet.

3. Inversely, you might want to maximize your screen space by making part of it available to other members with collateral activities to yours (such as a high school advertising in a book shop). It’s all so easy. You make your intention public throughout the network, set up a price and then start discussing with interested operators. You might even get a subscription discount and if you’re selling enough ad space you might even end up with paying 0- as in nothing 😉 while generating extra-income!

We’re really thrilled about the sharing and community feature of digital signage, helping all network members make the best of their money and screen. If you are as well let us know below or better click here.

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